Seedbed of Investigation (P3)

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Seedbed of Investigation (P3), Paleoecología, Paleoclimatología and Paleoambientes.

Instituto de Investigaciones en Estratigrafía-IIES - Universidad de Caldas Student Leader: Valentina Ramírez Valencia

General objective

To consolidate a research team shaped by students, teachers and investigators, from the study of multi-hardware (organic and inorganic micro-particles, geoquímica, florística and taxonomy, magnetic susceptibility, estratigrafía, modelamiento climatic and electronic microscopy).

Specific objectives
  1. training and coaching students in the analysis and processing of micro-organic and inorganic, determining particles in rebuilding ecological.
  2. Develop research, consultancy and dissemination of the processes carried out by the research seedlings.
  3. Support research and extension processes developed by the Research Institute in stratigraphy and other research groups.
  4. Manage resources and agreements to achieve academic mobility and non-formal education.
  5. Generate virtual areas of scientific divulgation.
projects completed and ongoing
  1. morphological analysis of spores of Serpocaulon a. r. SM. (Polypodiaceae l.) from the cordillera Central of Colombia.
  2. Reconstruction of the climatic dynamics in the region Andina western part of Colombia.
  3. Atlas palynological of vascular plants of the Páramo of Parque los Nevados, cordillera Central of Colombia.
  4. Palynology of the Neogene of the Colombian Pacific.
  5. Analysis palynological of trophic interactions between vertebrate flying and their floral resources in a forest fragment on the banks of the Río Cauca (Chinchiná, Caldas - Colombia).
  6. Micropalaeontology, calcareous foraminifera and diatoms of the Miocene in the Colombian Pacific. (USalamanca - UCaldas).
  7. Inventory floristic of the reserve Riomanso (Norcasia-Caldas) and its relationship to the fossil flora of the underlying geological units.
  8. Climate in the Cenozoic of the Colombian Caribbean.
  9. International network of the study of effects of ocean acidification on tropical marine ecosystems.

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