Who we are

We integrate the Sciences of the Earth


The University of Caldas has created the Instituto de Investigaciones en Estratigrafía (IIES) thinking about how to integrate experts, teachers, students and community in general, in the study of the Sciences of the Earth.

The IIES is a centre of excellence in studies of stratigraphy of surface and subsoil, with emphasis on the analysis of sedimentary basins and the current and former physical, chemical and biological processes occurring in them.



The project Instituto de Investigaciones en Estratigrafía (IIES) develop multidisciplinary studies that reveal spatially and temporally the geological record, in its physical, chemical and biological.

The Institute shall carry out his investigations primarily in the scientific-academic, and seek resources through the provision of technical services, supervision, consulting, consulting, and training, both for private and state, or in association with them.



The project Instituto de Investigaciones en Estratigrafía (IIES) will be recognized by the scientific and technical production of their researchers, technological infrastructure, as well as in its capacity to integrate experts, teachers and students in the basic and applied study of the Earth Sciences and areas related.


Research fields


The IIES fields develop multidisciplinary studies that allow to know the geological record, in its aspects of physical, chemical, and biological.


  1. Palynology and Organic Matter
  2. Floristics and Plant Taxonomy
  3. calcareous microfossils
  4. Chemostratigraphy
  5. Sedimentary petrography
  6. Watershed Analysis
  7. Scanning Electron Microscopy - SEM

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IIES: Edificio Orlando Sierra, Bloque B, 2do piso - Teléfono: (+576) 8781500 Ext. 12643 / Universidad de Caldas / e-mail : iies@ucaldas.edu.co
Universidad de Caldas: Sede Principal Calle 65 Nº 26 - 10 / Tel (+576) 8781500 Fax (+576) 8781501 / Apartado aéreo 275 / Manizales - Colombia
Línea gratuita : 01-8000-512120  /  e-mail: ucaldas@ucaldas.edu.co - Sitio web: www.ucaldas.edu.co - iies.ucaldas.edu.co/sem